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QueensCare traces its origin to Queen of Angels Hospital, first established in Los Angeles by the Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart early in the 20th century. This beloved nonprofit hospital was a center of the community for many years.

QueensCare founders, J.J. Brandlin and Arthur W. Barron
Founders, J.J. Brandlin and Arthur W. Barron
In the late 1980’s the State of California asked the leaders of Queen of Angels Hospital to take over the troubled Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. The merger was successfully managed by J.J. Brandlin and Arthur W. Barron, long time advisors to the Franciscan Sisters. They brought the merged entity, Queen of Angels—Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (QA-HPMC), to profitability shortly thereafter.

A decade later, the stand alone hospital faced daunting challenges. The QA-HPMC Board of Directors decided the best course of action would be to sell the hospital and form a charity to serve the health needs of the poor. Although such sales were common at the time, the QA-HPMC sale was unique in that the operations being sold were viable and healthy. The sale attracted significant attention, and required the oversight and approval of the California Attorney General.

QueensCare was founded with the proceeds of the hospital sale. We are a nonprofit charity – not a private foundation. Our operating structure and funding restrictions were determined at the time of the sale by the Attorney General, and cannot be changed without court approval. We operate as a perpetual charity, expending a pre-determined percentage of our total assets each year from thirteen separate healthcare funding categories.

QueensCare operates its own healthcare programs, providing services directly to Los Angeles residents. We also make grants through our Charitable Division to supplement the healthcare services we provide directly.

At QueensCare, caring for the underserved means providing for the whole person:

  • Initial outreach
  • Preventive care
  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • Hospitalization
  • Spiritual care

We call this our seamless system of care.