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Pastoral Care Division

An individual’s spirituality often comes to the forefront when facing serious illness. QueensCare Pastoral Care provides chaplains who can be of support through a time of illness.

Multi-faith, Multi-ethnic

While our eight chaplains represent the Protestant and Catholic faiths, each serves in a spirit of openness to all religious traditions. Pastoral Care services are available to patients and their families, as well as staff, regardless of religious affiliation.

QueensCare chaplains reflect the ethnic diversity of the surrounding community, and come from all over the world including Korea, South America, Mexico and Romania. Currently, at least some individual ministry is available in Armenian, English, Korean and Spanish.


  • Typically, the Pastoral Care Division chaplains visit every hospital patient every day.
  • Holy Communion is offered to patients daily, as well as the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and Anointing, which asks for God’s strength and healing.
  • Liturgy is celebrated at 8:30 am on Sunday and at 11:30 am Monday through Friday.
  • A volunteer team of Lay Eucharistic Ministers works with the chaplains to provide spiritual compassion and support.
  • Representatives of other faith traditions are called when requested.


The Pastoral Care Program operates on site at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC).

Frequently, and on request, they also visit patients at The Chalet, a long-term care facility, as well as patients at the QueensCare Health Centers in Hollywood and Eagle Rock.

Hospital Ethics Committee

The Director of Chaplaincy serves on the Ethics Committee of CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC). The Committee helps write ethics policies and guidelines for doctors and staff.

Additionally, when a patient or their family has an ethical concern about their healthcare, the Director, another member of the Ethics Committee and medical staff meet with them to discuss the most appropriate and compassionate plan of care for the patient.