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QueensCare Health and Faith Partnership - Partnership

QHFP Partnership

QHFP is a growing network of over 60 churches, non-public schools, and community service agencies with volunteers that serve metro Los Angeles.

How the QHFP partnership works

  1. A partnership is created with your organization
  2. A volunteer Health Cabinet is formed
  3. The Health Cabinet conducts a "Health Needs Assessment"
  4. The Health Cabinet works with a Parish Nurse to design and implement a "Health Plan"
  5. The partner program is evaluated each year

Forming a Partnership

Our resource section has valuable information for those interested in forming a partner site with QHFP.

  • Roles of the Parish Nurse
  • Steps to Beginning a Health Ministry Program
  • Guidelines for Health Cabinets
  • Site Readiness for Partnership
  • Responsibilities of QueensCare and of Congregations / Community Organizations

Please let us know if you are interested in forming a partnership with QHFP.


Download list of current QHFP partners