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QueensCare Health and Faith Partnership - Services

QHFP provides a paid parish nurse to a partner church or community agency who will:

  • Assist in the needs assessment of the church / organization and its community
  • Assist with establishing the Health Cabinet
  • Train and coordinate volunteers
  • Conduct health screenings and make referrals
  • Provide health education to individuals, families, and groups
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Identify community resources and optimize their utilization
  • Coordinate Health Fairs and other health related events
  • Provide free or low cost children and adult immunizations
  • Provide TB screenings and referrals if necessary
  • Become a member of the church pastoral team in providing home visits to the sick, administering sacraments, and prayer

Other services and benefits include:

  • Basic healthcare supplies and equipment
  • Interfaith partnership relationship development
  • Education and training for health committee members
  • Access to health professionals for health programs
  • Referrals to QueensCare Health Centers for low-cost care
  • Free or low cost transportation to QueensCare Health Centers
  • Research and evaluation processes

School Health Program

The School Health Program was created in 1996 to assure that each child enrolled in a QHFP school is given the opportunity to achieve wellness by experiencing a safe, healthy, and nurturing childhood. The school-based preventive health program provides:

  • Comprehensive mandated school screenings: vision, hearing, scoliosis
  • Optional screenings: height, weight, dental, lice
  • Comprehensive health records review
  • Peer education through Student Health Council
  • Health education and counseling
  • Referrals if necessary
  • Free / low cost school required immunizations