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QueensCare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Thanks to the growth in size and services, QueensCare continues to offer opportunities within our organization, while the majority of the positions are available under QueensCare Health Centers. We offer an array of healthcare-related career opportunities and positions on full time (40 hours weekly), part-time I (20-39 hours weekly), part-time II (less than 20 hours weekly) and per diem basis.

You can find information about the various QueensCare programs and services on this site:

QueensCare offers attractive, competitive compensation and benefit packages.

How to apply

Please complete and submit your resume / cv and / or employment application to:

Human Resources Department
950 South Grand Avenue
2nd Floor South
Los Angeles, California 90015
Phone: (323) 669-4322
Fax: (323) 660-0359


Download application:

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