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QueensCare Health and Faith Partnership

QHFP provides the services of registered nurses and community health workers to its partners through a parish nursing program that delivers free and low cost health promotion and disease-prevention services in churches, temples, mosques, schools, and other social service organizations. QHFP recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection in relation to health and well-being. Specific QHFP services include the management of chronic disease, health education and consultation, preventive screenings, basic nursing care, referrals, and social support.

In addition to individualized services, QHFP works with its community partners to organize and manage health fairs and health education events open to the public. Collaboration with the community is an essential feature of all QHFP activities and the key to the success of QHFP outreach efforts are that they are always community-driven.

QHFP is a healthcare safety net for the most vulnerable. For many, QHFP is the entry point into the healthcare system. Operating out of faith-based and social service organizations, QHFP parish nurses are locally accessible, and become not only the access bridge to health services, but also trusted health professionals and personal health advocates.